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Watch the Replay: AMA with Rebecca Minkoff & Alison Wyatt

Thank you for RSVPing for our One Year Celebration event, Meet the Founders AMA with Rebecca Minkoff and Alison Wyatt.

In the AMA, you the founders answered questions such as: 

  • What were some of the biggest setbacks when you first launched your businesses, and what did you do to navigate the situation? 

  • What is the best approach to scaling when you are bootstrapping a business?

  • How do you see the future of fashion shaping up with web3 and the changing landscape? What should brands that are passionate about staying abreast do with such changes?

It’s so exciting to see that you’re interested in what’s happening inside of The 10th House! 

I am not sure if you know this, but as Head of Programming & Events, I plan up to 10 events per month. Constellation and Blue Sky members get access to all events and replays, while non-members and the Collective are able to attend one event per month.

As mentioned, I typically only grant event replay access to Blue Sky and Constellation members of The 10th House, but we want to make an exception for you by giving you access to yesterday’s replay.

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