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Rebecca Minkoff PR opportunity

We consider ourselves so lucky to be connected with all of you, and truly appreciate you being part of this exceptional community. We wanted to share a very exciting opportunity, exclusively for our Blue Sky founders.


We’re very excited to share an amazing PR opportunity with you: Twice a month, Rebecca features stories from two FFC founders in her inspiring “You Can’t Make This Up” LinkedIn newsletter. With Rebecca’s followers and 120k+ email distribution list, this opportunity offers stellar exposure.

If you’re interested, please check out the steps below. We’re here if you have any questions in the meantime!

✨Step 1: Choose a Theme✨

Female founder realities - When did you realize you were entering or swimming in a male-dominated space? What gender-specific hurdles/inequities have you faced? How did you overcome them? When you weren’t given a chair, how did you bring your own table?

Biggest pivot - Were you traveling down one path - whether you were about to launch a product/business or maybe you were climbing a ladder that didn’t feel right - and suddenly you found your heart wasn’t into it? Or was the product/business launch not a success? How did you find the new path and what were some of the obstacles you faced before you found it? When/how did you know you were on the “right” one? What did you learn from this experience?

Golden rule - Did something happen along your entrepreneurial journey that led you to a golden rule - a non-negotiable belief that leads you and your decisions? How has this belief impacted your business?

Asking for help, giving back - Did something happen on your journey that required you to reach out for help - a friend, mentor, organization? This person or business or organization that helped you - how did their actions impact you as a human, and as a founder? Since then, how has philanthropy played a part in your founder journey?

Younger self - What happened along your journey that gifted you a lesson so strong, it grew into a piece of advice that you’d offer to your younger self in a heartbeat? If you could go back in time, is there something you would’ve done differently after reflecting on this experience? What part has your younger self played in your journey as a founder? If you could give your 22-year-old self any piece of advice, what would it be?


✨Step 2: Review the Guidelines✨

  • You Can't Make This Up Moments are the *real* experiences we face in life and work and show the truthful reality of being a founder.

  • Stories center on a specific experience or challenge where you thought - Is this really happening?! - that ultimately taught you an important lesson that made you stronger.

  • Please describe your You Can’t Make This Up story, how you navigated it, and what you learned.

  • Stories are generally ~300 - 400 words.

  • Please find a few stories in this document should they provide inspiration.

  • This story will either be shared at the top of the edition in italics or within the body of the piece. (Here’s an example edition).

  • A few reflection questions should they inspire insights for your story…(No need to answer these. They’re solely prompts should they spark anything for you.)

  • How did you navigate and come through to the other side of this situation? What was most helpful? Any tips and tricks?

  • What lessons did this experience teach you? How do you try to apply them today?

  • Any additional thoughts or insights you'd like to add are greatly appreciated! Thank you. 


  • ✨Step 3: Email Your Draft✨

Please send a draft (400-word preferred max) to our writer Logan Russell and she will be in touch with any suggestions, edits, and a publish date.

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