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New Member Welcome | March 18

  • Dawn Fable; Press Pause Project; a lifestyle and ritualistic quality line of CBD products to support our 4 pillars of Womens Wellness. Sexual Wellness, Mental/Cognitive Wellness, Hormonal Wellness & Physical Wellness (Health & Wellness)

  • Gina Vanegas; Healthy & Inclusive Workspaces; utilizes a qualitative data methodology and a social justice lens to help organizations assess their workplace culture & evaluate the impact of their work in the communities they serve (Business Services)

  • Julia Xu; Multitasky; on a mission to elevate your lifestyle with trendy, (FUN)ctional, and aesthetic lifestyle gadgets. We live to empower strong, multi-faceted women, and inspire everyone to create a life that gives them butterflies when they wake up in the morning (eComm)

  • Melanie Brandman; Travel Curator; a global luxury travel and lifestyle media brand based in New York City (News & Media)

  • Michelle Fishering; Maven Impact Consulting; consulting services range from B-Corp Consulting to developing contribution initiatives (Business Services)