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With community at the core of 10th House, I wanted to make sure you had visibility on some new and incredible programs we have going on. And stay up to date on ways to dive into conversation, connect in person, and develop a deep connection with an ongoing curated group. As you join and experience each of these, please be sure to provide feedback so we can continue improving things for you!


Community Conversations:

The past few Community Conversations have been a hit and we’re excited to announce a new format to help provide you with the timely answers to your pressing questions based on what you need now!  

For those who are new here, Community Conversations are our digital version of connecting around a dining room table, a fireplace, or in a park.  Our twist on getting you into a space to chat, share, ask, and solve challenges you’re currently faced with.  These are designed to be open format, facilitated by members, for members. 

Vote for the topic you want to participate in HERE

How this new format works:

  1. Every other week you will have the opportunity to VOTE on the top 3 topics you want to see discussed.

  2. You will also have the chance to SUBMIT topics you want to discuss (and mark if you’d like to facilitate that conversation)! 

  3. The top conversation topics, chosen by the community, will be scheduled 2-3 weeks out so you can dive in.

  4. This form will be available in the digest and in the community every other week.

View all Community Conversations here


New Boardroom Cohort Matching

(Deadline: July 5) **Blue Sky Only

We’re nearing the end of the quarter which means it’s almost time to match our next round of Boardrooms!  If you’re looking to join a new group, don’t forget to submit your information.

The Boardroom is your intimate group of fellow founders to support you along the way. A cohort of 7-9 other ambitious founders who can relate to where you are in your business stage. Your board will meet once a month to be your trust of advisors, mentors, friends and collaborators!

Join a Boardroom



City Sessions 

Take advantage of this summer weather and connect with some fellow founders in your hometown! Attend/host a City Session below.  These are intended to be casual, powerful moments to connect.  A picnic, walk in the park, or drinks in the living room - whatever you feel called to! 

RSVP to upcoming City Sessions:

  • 7/14 - Washington, DC - Sip & Solve

  • 7/20 - Chicago, IL - Member Mingle

  • 7/25 - Dallas, TX - Sip & Solve

  • 8/9 - Fairfield, CT - Member Mingle

  • 8/14 - Los Angeles, CA - Member Mingle

Want to host one in your hometown? Fill out this form! 


Member Directory 

Summer calls for some extra traveling!  Heading to another city for a meeting or a little vacation?  Don’t forget to utilize the Member Directory to connect with other members who are in your city!

The directory is only available to Constellation & Blue Sky members.