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A New 10th House is coming…

We are re-launching the 10th House as you know it!

It’s been a year of so much growth and excitement, but that said, we’ve learned a lot about what matters to our members through your generous feedback and actions, and well - we are ready to make this even better! 

Our renewed focus will be a heightened emphasis on community and shared experiences, it will make programming hit-harder, and it will allow us to provide deeper and more specific resources for you, based on where you are in your business.

The 10th House will still be a comforting place for female founders to find support, resources, events and peers going through the same hardships you are or who are walking the path before you and helping to navigate the challenges ahead, but now there will be SO MUCH MORE.

What does this mean for you:

  • BLUE SKY Members: Nothing changes for you. You will have full access to the Community and everything else the 10th House has to offer, such as events, boardrooms, resources, promotions for your business and more. This tier will now be called “10th House Members”.

  • CONSTELLATION Members: This tier is being closed. You have the option to upgrade to Blue Sky (10th House Membership) at a lower rate and ONE MONTH FREE with code july10house before July 11th, 2022. If you do not upgrade by July 11th, on July 24th you will be removed from the Community and placed in The Collective Tier.

  • THE COLLECTIVE Members: This tier is being combined with our newsletter list and will no longer have access to the Community after July 11th, 2022. So, your options are to upgrade to Blue Sky (10th House Member) to get full access to the Community and all other impactful things the 10th House has to offer. If you upgrade by July 11th, 2022 use the code july10house to get our lowest membership price ($619/year or $59/month) and ONE MONTH FREE. If you do not upgrade, then on July 11th you will be removed from the Community, but you will still receive our digital gold newsletter with some free events, tips, feedback, and resources from our female founders. 

It’s been a really hard decision but at the end of the day the decision was one that we couldn’t really think about a middle ground for. Unless we still can… The biggest value people are getting is in the community. And we felt like it wasn’t fair for paid members that free members were getting almost the same thing.

Our relaunch will occur the week of July 25th – all new look, all new opportunities, with the same amazing women!

So, if you are enjoying The 10th House community, connection, and resources, we urge you to upgrade your membership to Blue Sky before July 11th, 2022. Here’s what your new membership will get you:


As a reminder, if you do NOT upgrade your membership, you will be removed from the 10th House community on July 24th, BUT we will keep you on our newsletter list which you receive now. Our weekly newsletter offers you exciting tips and advice from our members, occasional events and workshops, and access to some exclusive resources to help you stay in touch with the Female Founder Collective and the 10th House.


If you need help navigating your profile to upgrade, please let us know! We’d love to help. Contact us here.

Otherwise, here’s how you can upgrade to Blue Sky so you don’t miss out on this incredible offer and amazing community:

  1. Login to your 10th House Account here

    • (Click log in in the top right corner —> My Account —> Change Membership)

  2. Upgrade your membership plan to Blue Sky Annual ($619/year - 12% savings) or Blue Sky Monthly ($59/month).

  3. Use code july10house to get ONE MONTH FREE in addition to the annual savings.

We know that the world is chaotic out there, but that means your community has never been more important. Now’s the time to invest in yourself and your business by upgrading your membership so you don’t miss out on this incredible community paving the way for female founders and entrepreneurs everywhere. Don’t let it be lonely at the top! Stay in the 10th House Community by upgrading to Blue Sky before July 11th, 2022.