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Mahisha Dellinger of CURLS on Following Your Instincts


The Plop. The Scrunch. Diffuse. If there’s a curly hair technique out there, Mahisha has seen and done it all. And as the Founder and CEO of CURLS, Mahisha has turned her love of her natural hair into a beloved brand that has helped millions of other women fall in love with their own locks. Discussing the beginnings of her journey, Mahisha says she “had a vision that women would be able to go to any retailer and find incredibly functional products, with quality ingredients, that celebrate our various curl patterns.” And today, Mahisha’s CURLS can be found at just about every retailer across the country.

As a member of the Forbes Business Council and a Small Business Advisor, Mahisha is a sought-after industry expert who has used her success to bring other Women of Color into the limelight. As the frontwoman for “Mind Your Own Business with Mahisha” on Oprah Winfrey’s TV network, Mahisha is dedicated to helping women-owned businesses reach the million-dollar mark.

Mahisha Dellinger

Mahisha is the winner of WINGS’ Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, leveraging her ability to uplift women of color in the entrepreneurial space to help hundreds of businesses skyrocket into success. In her book, Against All Odds: From the Projects to the Penthouse, Mahisha recounts her story to inspire millions to turn their passions into their careers.

Mahisha Dellinger,Mahisha knows that her influence can change lives, so she founded the Black Women Making Millions Academy, which is set to support 25,000 businesses with $450 million worth of resources, helping elevate the next generation of entrepreneurs. When asked what she would say to her younger self, Mahisha keeps it simple: “this is just the beginning."


Question: What drove you to get CURLS off the ground?


As a woman of color, I wanted to flaunt my natural hair and celebrate what God has given me. It was very frustrating looking for natural hair products that are both healthy for my hair and good for this world. I had a vision that women would be able to go to any retailer and find incredibly functional products, with quality ingredients, that celebrate our various curl patterns. So the dream was born!

Question: Where have you seen the biggest change in consumer behavior / demand?


Consumers now demand more from brands and their leaders. These consumers do their research, connect with brands on a deeper level, and are truly concerned with how consumer goods impact their communities, now more than ever.

Question: What's next for CURLS?


This year we celebrated 20 years of CURLS. As we move into the next 20 years, I am really excited to continue creating hair care solutions that elevate the routines of our CurlFriends, reaching new CurlFriends, and showing our consumers that their Curls Can.

Question: What’s your North Star in business?


Instinctually, following what feels right has always been my North Star in business. It has allowed me to trailblaze in spaces that were unmarked territories for women who looked like me along my journey. It has allowed me to be bold in championing for the needs of our CurlFriends. And, it has led me to prioritize mentorship and philanthropy, above all else.

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