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Lauren Kane of VC Worthy Business on Raising Capital Against the Odds


When it comes to raising capital for new businesses, Lauren Kane knows the process inside and out. For six years, she served as Director of Operations of Golden Seeds, one of the country’s largest angel investment groups focused on investing in female entrepreneurs. During that time, she worked with over 100 female founders. Now, Lauren is putting her experience and expertise to work directly for women-owned businesses through her company, VC Worthy Business.

Lauren was driven to start her own company because of the gap she identified in the world of venture capital. Talking about her motivation, she says, “There was very little support for female founders raising capital, and the deck is automatically stacked against them. I’m lucky enough to have a unique background that could help serve female founders, so why not put it to good use?”


With VC Worthy Business, Lauren is taking what she learned on the other side of the table and using that knowledge to guide female entrepreneurs through the process of raising capital by helping them develop attention-grabbing pitches that investors can’t ignore. Lauren’s move to working directly with female founders was inspired by a mission of empowerment and growth, but it was also too good of an opportunity to pass up.


She notes that in the current consumer culture, people “want a company that stands for more than just the product they are offering – they want to be part of something that has true impact.” Through her partnerships with female founders, Lauren is generating exactly that: impact.


Question: What motivated you to start VC Worthy Business?


For 6 years, I was Director of Operations of Golden Seeds. I saw first-hand the struggles that female founders go through if they come to capital too late or are coming to fundraising desperate.

Question: What do you see when you look down the road into the future of your business?


The road is a long one, but for me completion would be when female founders make up 50% of companies that receive investor dollars.

Question: What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?


You don't know everything (even though you think you do). Take time to stop, listen, observe, and learn any chance you get.
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