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Laila Aitken Ali of on Turning a Ten Year Divorce Into a Transformation


Some businesses have origin stories rooted in the passions of their founders, and others begin because their founders need them to exist. Laila Aitken Ali’s journey into entrepreneurship started with her own difficult transition: a divorce that dragged on for 10 years. While going through her own separation and divorce, Laila realized that the information and resources for people going through the process were severely lacking.

Not wanting anyone else to feel as unmoored and undirected as she did, Laila became a mediator, founded, and has helped coach nearly 100 people through their own divorces.


Laila, the Divorce Doula, has committed herself to helping people going through divorce focus on the transformational power of the process, guiding them to the possibility of finding breakthrough moments in their lives. While navigating the family law system and the inevitable emotional difficulties that go along with ending a marriage, was created to be a “virtual safe haven” where people can find information, guidance, and support.


Laila’s move into entrepreneurship is an expression of personal bravery and incredible compassion. It might have been tempting to grit her teeth and keep her experience to herself, but Laila put herself out there to break down the stigmas surrounding divorce. Now, she has built a community of education, respect, and support designed to ensure that anyone going through divorce can know that they aren’t alone.


Question: How did come into existence?


I started this business because of the drastic need for change, support and streamlined education in the world of divorce and separation. People need a place to land, assess where they are in the process, take a deep breath and create a roadmap to get through.

Question: Can you see a finish line down the road, or is the future of open-ended?


There might not ever be a moment of completion when you are growing and scaling a business but I feel a lot more confident today than I did yesterday and every day I feel stronger and stronger about the success of the company. That makes it a lot easier to move forward.

Question: What would you say to your younger self when this process was just beginning?


I would say not to be so nervous about exposing yourself to the world. Be more confident in what you have to say and what you are doing to make change for the better. Don’t be afraid of rejection. Not everyone will see the world through your lens and that’s their loss.

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