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Jess Kane Berman of BodyBio on Getting Your Message Out


Some people just have a knack for taking complex information and making it accessible and appealing to everyone. Jess Kane Berman, CMO of BodyBio, is one of those people. Founded by Jess’s grandfather, Ed Kane, BodyBio began as a medical software company that could identify exactly what nutrients an individual was deficient in based on their blood chemistry. From that information, BodyBio would provide a personalized set of supplements for each person’s specific needs. Sounds simple, right? Not so much.

The BodyBio product was of the highest quality, but the message wasn't getting out to as many people as it should. As Jess says, “The issue for BodyBio that I helped solve was their reach. My grandfather made great supplements that really worked but he didn’t know how to market them. That’s where I came in.” Now, in an era when people are taking their health into their own hands and increasingly becoming their own healthcare advocates, Jess has positioned BodyBio as a partner on that journey.


BodyBio’s success is rooted in its industry expertise and has grown due to its ability to stay current in its product development and marketing. With the foundation built by Jess’s grandfather, BodyBio has trusted relationships with thousands of doctors around the country.


And as one of the only family-operated supplement companies agile enough to make quick decisions and instant pivots based on new research, Jess and BodyBio continue to raise the bar in the supplement category.


Question: What made you the perfect fit to take the reins of BodyBio?


I’ve always been passionate about health and wellness. Even in college, I would force my friends to drink electrolytes after a night out, before electrolytes were trendy. For me personally, I suffered for years with digestive problems and was given nothing to help, nor a significant diagnosis. So I started to biohack my own health and worked with my grandfather to understand my health issues and deficiencies. Taking supplements changed my life and I want to help others do the same.

Question: How is sustainability tied into the BodyBio DNA?


Sustainability is massively important to us. We are moving to glass bottles in 2023 to get away from the plastic vitamin bottles, and larger pack SKU’s will go to compostable sachets to refill glass bottles.

Question: What piece of advice have you held onto as your North Star??


Stay the course. My late father always told me to just stay the course. And I really feel that now that I’m there. I’ve dedicated everything to what I am doing and feel very fulfilled.

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